Water Transport Company to improve shipping

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Mango Tree Group (MTG) Company, the only river transport company in South Sudan has promised to improve the existing water transport coverage across the River Nile, a move they said would help the local people.  

Lowiya Emmanuel, Operations Manager for Mango Tree Group South Sudan said the group hassuccessfully incorporated its branch in Juba as they have built five (5) barges with capacity of 1800 Metric tons.

He was responding to the complains elevated by the farmers from Renk regarding the transportation services which they said it had stop them from supplying Juba and other parts of the country with agricultural produces.

Some weeks back, farmers from Renk area told Economic Crisis Management Committee chaired by the VP James Wani Igga that it was easy for them to transport the agricultural produce to capital Juba citing poor roads and lack of river transport system in the country.

The farmers added that the river transport system was not effective since many water transport companies from Sudan stopped their operation in South Sudan due to the insecurity along river Nile.

However, Emmanuel the Operations Manager for Mango Tree Group said their projects is basically meant to develop and enhance the already existing Nile river barge transportation service network and to sustainably revive the river transportation service by building more Barge(s) and boat(s) of varying capacities for clients.

“This will support our clients’ commercial activities for nation building, economic boosting and improving of people’s livelihood,” Emmanuel added.

The company’s official said they are determined to bring more standard system of operations to the country water transport’s sector.

Mango Tree Group is the largest shipbuilding company in East Africa and the Great Lakes region in Africa with its head office in Bugiri Kauku Entebbe Uganda.

Mr. Emmanuel said they were already weathering the transport’s sector in South Sudan.

He said the group was established in South Sudan to provide a full range of services in the following areas; shipping building, ship maintenance and Water transport.

Meanwhile, GAO Ke, Director Mango Tree Group said his company is playing an excessive role in encouragement of the exchange of goods and labor between places of production and places of consumption, which he said it has increased the yields to agricultural produces particularly in Renk.

He said despite the insecurity and economic hardship in the country, the MTG maintains its comprehensive benefits of transport for the famer’s products to reach to the destination.

“Between 2018 and 2020, Mango Tree Group has been transporting agricultural products specifically cereals such as simsim from Renk to Juba to capture the wider Market demand for economic boost and improve household livelihood,” he said.

According to the Director, MTG has played a great part in the transportation of farmers’ products such as sorghum and maize from the Renk to Juba City, especially maize grown in the wetter south-west of the country and sorghum in the drier north part of South Sudan.

“Currently, the shipbuilding projects we manage within the region includes: passenger ship, ferry, cargo ship, push boat, tugboat, and patrol boat, fishing boat, dredger and others. Water project includes: waterway dredging, cleaning of the water surface, port construction, water transport,” the Director added.

“Although almost all agriculture has been on a low input, low output subsistence basis, there has been a large transfer of land to foreign companies, governments and individuals, evidently for mechanized exploitation.”

He said the circulation of commodities from far north parts within South Sudan has been a great achievement for the group.

In Kinshasa DRC, Mango Tree built nine (9) vessels which are currently operational on River Congo while in Uganda, the company has built a Cargo ship/Dredger with 4000 Metric Tons Capacity to be sailing in Lake Victoria to make commodities circulate within the region.

Mango Tree Dredger was designed and constructed on 26th July 2015, it is 70 meters long of hull (excluding conveyor at the prow), 18 meters wide, and 5 meters high, 4 meters of drought and total displacement of 4000 tons, its construction was completed on 6th February 2016 and successfully launched.

It is the only 1000 T-above engineering dredger which can clean up the sands and gravels from underwater 15 meters deep, with high-power engine, water depth detector and wireless satellite communication system.

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