Water floods cut off roads linking Unity to Sudan

By Mabor Riak Magok

Authorities in Unity State confirmed that the livelihood of the local communities in the State was at high risk as floods submerged roads linking State to Sudan wascut off by waterflooding.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Minister of Information and Communication in Unity State Hon Gabriel Makuei Bol said that there was no single supply because all roads linking Unity State to Sudan have been submerged by flood.

“State government together with United Nations Mission in South Sudan work to put around some dykes to the airport and the little water remaining will be scoped out from the airport. all civilians in the State are trying to scope out flood waters inside the roads so that the right and left of the road get dry in order to allow some vehicles coming from Sudan to State,” Makuei said.

He added that all Unity State airport was under threatening by floods which had surrounded the whole airport while UN has put dykes around the airport to prevent the floodingwhere there was flood water being flashed out.

He revealed that there was no movement of goods and services to Unity State by road from Sudan as roads remained cut off by floodsand only cargoes were able to supply food to the community in the State.

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