The Juba City Council should introduce a system where hawking is carried out in designated areas in which the operators can use for the different wares they are trading in. In organized situation hawkers with household wares are grouped and lined in one area systematically and all others with different items given the same treatment. This makes it easy for customers to reach what they want in good time and without hassling too much. The way hawkers are operating in Juba is pathetic and below required standard. From one place to the other, the mixture of items and even food stuff are posing dangers to the general public and consumers. The loss is arranged revenue collection seems to be impossible. Another mode of hawking is coming up and taking shape in different parts of the city. These station wagons and van hawking which display all types of households and varieties of items mostly near learning institutions for the simple purpose that parents and guidance taking and collecting their children would be an easily targeted customer. The fear is that they have electronic gadgets that could surely attract the youngsters and possibly divert their attention from learning. There should be strict watch and check on these van hawkers not to influence the thinking and mind of the youth with these electronic wares. If not taken care of then even within the family circle there could be indiscipline among the youth when they need money to buy the items. This is why the school authorities and the city council should collaborate closely and monitor the activities of the hawkers who might end up influencing the students to prevail on their parents to buy the undesired items which might not serve their purposes at the time. The hawkers should be made to ensure they clean their operations area each time they use them and before calling it a day.

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