WATCHDOG-Agents paid to tarnish country’s image

Minster Michael Makuei Lueth

By William Madouk Garang

The government has claimed that Human rights and watchdog organizations are allegedly paid by their masters to write negative reports that are only meant to tarnish the image of the country.

A no-sense Minister Michael Makuei Lueth who doubles as official government spokesperson said that external forces were out to ensure at all costs the country’s image remained tarnished for their own benefit, branding South Sudan as one of the most corrupt nations by false information to continue to survive on their master’s pocket.

Mr. Makuei told off those behind the circulation of ill-intended reports tarnishing the image of the government ‘year-in year-out that there was nothing new in the information being circulated as they were only indifferent in formats but with the same sources whose lifespan depend wholly on creating imagine false information to continue being relevant to getting funds.

The minister briefed the press yesterday after the Council of Ministries’ meeting chaired by President Salva Kiir Mayardit, reacting to a recent report by Transparency International and human right commission Mr. Makuei said “Those are institutions that are directed to write what they are supposed to write, these are organizations set up to tarnish the image of the country,

“The reports of the so-called Human rights and international organizations are not authenticated for us to act on.  We have our own sources as government and when we receive information from these sources we know what to do,” Makuei stressed.

“But so far as human rights organization is concerned, no human rights organization or anybody working here in South Sudan, will ever write a good report about us because if they do a good report about the country then definitely they are shutting down their livelihood,” he added.

He added that the government would not bother to respond to organizations that did not officially submit the report to them but instead on social media and websites.

“Websites are not official things in which the governments can respond to, you as an individual can respond but as government, we don’t respond to such. Unless the reports are submitted to us or sent to us officially,” he noted.

“Since they are living on these controversial reports that they write about South Sudan they will have to continue to write so that they earn their living. Such reports are not in place unless they cometo us through official channel.”.

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