It is indeed heart rendering move by the government to take care of school children who developed adverse side effect after taking deworming tablets in Ibba county of Western Equatoria. The Vice President of Service Cluster Hussein Abdelbagi, led a team including health officials to find out what really happened on the ground. This kind of action is a motivation factor when a senior government official take matters of national importance to settle when they are still fresh. It is encouraging that there is a government that cares for its citizens. The most important thing now is for the findings of what might have happened and how these deworming tablets turned out to be dangerous and harmful to the children. It should also be clear if those administering the tablets were qualified to carry-out the work. It has become very common that some important field work are left to junior and inexperienced officers while the senior one enjoys the lump-sum allowances without doing much work. The government should take full action against those found to have neglected their work. They should be told to know that children are the future of any nation this country included. They should be guided and taken care of in every situation so that they can grow up into responsible citizens. Above all health for all is mandatory as laid down in the constitution among other requirements. If the deworming tablets were donated, the donors should be asked some questions because it is very strange that the exercise launched by World Health Organization (WHO) and local administration should create anxiety in Maridi because of the side effect that was not intended. It is good that the vice president acted on time to defusetensions and accusations that were being directed to the government for failing to take appropriate measures to save the situation.

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