WARNED, beware of wrong investors

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

A senior lawyer from the East African Law Society is advising South Sudanese to be aware of the so-called wrong investors in the country.

James Altaib Jazz, who also heads South Sudan Bar Association, said it was crucial to choose the right investors whose aim would be to develop the country instead of defrauding citizens.

He was speaking to Juba Monitor exclusively over the weekend on the nature of investments in the country.

Last year, Altaib said he was not contented with how the investors in the country were participating in the development activities.

“Yes, it is very important and right to invite the investors to come and develop our places if we are not capable to develop it, but we need to invite the right investors not wrong ones,” he said.

Altaib revealed that right investors were energetic men and women who can lay strong foundations that can last for thousands of years to come.

“Even if the investor is not giving you money or paying you, then there is a need to put up concrete foundation that you can be comfortable with. A good investor can build four to five structures that can last for hundred years. And this is better than wrong ones,” the legal practitioner said.

Atlaib pointed out that the wrong investors were the ones who do not mind of the country they were investing in but only mind of themselves and their businesses.

He warned that the country would continue to be cheated if the residents do not make up their minds and clear off such individuals.

“We may be cheated by wrong investors who may end up paying less money, not developing lands and putting low structures that can’t last for long time,” Atlaib said.

He said about 70 percent of South Sudanese were being cheated by the wrong investors currently.

“As I speak now, some people in Juba are getting less than 200 USD in lease all years from some of these investors,” he said.

He said that such scenarios were not contributing to the welfare of the citizens in South Sudan.

Atlaib said citizens were to be watchful on how they lease out investment plots for development.

He advised locals to put effort in developmental areas in the country to avoid public interest.

“Especially those areas close to government institutions, markets and other strategic locations,” Atlaib said.

Atlaib said development of a place was the only thing that could protect people from public interest given the fact that public interest was wide-spread in South Sudan.

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