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War Veterans Elect New Leader  


New President of South Sudan Veterans Association Salva Chol Ayat addresses the veterans during the closing session of the meeting (Photo by Manyuon Mayen Manyuon on the 27th April 2018):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

South Sudan Veterans Association has elected a new president to lead the Association for four years.

The election was held on Friday in Juba during South Sudan Veterans Assembly General Assembly under the theme “veterans are the pioneers of the liberation”.

The exercise was supervised by the Ministry of Defenses and Veterans Affairs where the undersecretary Alosio Emor Ojutuk was the guest of honor.

Speaking after closing session Brigadier Gen.Molana Monyluak Alor Kuol who was the Electoral Commissioner stated that the outgoing leaders were willing to hand over the office to the incoming leaders.

“All the candidates and General Assembly cooperated fully with the directives and procedures that were set out by the electoral committee,” Molana Kuol said.

He said that the election was guided by the Constitution that made it fair and free for all members.

“We followed the Constitution in addressing each and every position. The process was fair, peaceful and transparent,” he stated.

Gen. Molana pledged that the motive of the body was to take care of the war veterans’ welfare.

“We have veterans who have needs of different types. So we need an active body that would identify their needs and try to get the right services, support them and their families,” Gen. Molana added.

He called upon the new leadership to assist the war veterans and find ways of helping them domestically and financially.

Undersecretary in the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs Alosio Emor Ojetuk said the leadership will lead for four years, and urged the members to improve the war veterans’ families.

Ojetuk urged veterans to tussle in order to accomplish the mission and vision of the Association.

He said the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs will continue to support the association, but the leaders should do their part for the Association.

“I don’t want you to sleep, make programs, make projects and sell it to the non-governmental organizations to get funding so as to help your brothers who are vulnerable,” he added.

The president elect, Salva Chol Ayat appreciated the war veterans for electing him to serve them.

“As intended, this Association can do well, change a lot, and bring progress to the retired and old age. Therefore I will try to do my part to raise the war veterans,” Ayat promised.

“We are going to finish what was left hanging by the old leadership, establish some ways to help disabled and all members of the Veterans Association across the country,” he added.




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