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War mongering must stop –Disabled Veteran

Veteran soldier, Dhal Alony Deng moving with crutches at his residence in Jebel (photo by Moses Gum)

By Moses Gum

A senior disabled veteran soldier has said the situation of war mongering and suspicion must stop among South Sudanese.

Isaac Dhal Alony Deng, who described himself as one of the revolutionists, stressed the need for all South Sudanese not to feel suspicious and doubting one another but instead, focus on developing what he dubbed as the spirit of establishing a ‘new path’ for nation building.

“The situation of war mongering, suspicion and doubt against a fellow citizen must be minimized. If we want a genuine peace then, all must be free from distrust,” said Dhal.

Dhal was speaking to Juba Monitor while commenting on the slated celebration of the signed peace agreement. He described the peace celebration as a step to consolidating trust and confidence among South Sudanese.

“I welcome the celebration for this peace. What matters here is consolidation. If all are united, then permanent peace will prevail,” Dhal said.

He stated that people with disabilities face added risks of abandonment; neglect and lack of equal access to food and health care during the conflict, a situation, he said needed to be addressed through implementation of peace.

Dhal added that when there is peace, the needs and concerns of people with disabilities are addressed by the government.

“We are now stranded. Many of us who contributed to the liberation of this country have been sick. No treatment and other basic services and due to the war, everything stopped, so we want peace,” he expressed.

“Just because of war, most revolutionists lost limbs and legs, women widowed and children orphaned and many more lives were lost in this nation,” Dhal narrated.

Dhal acknowledged that donors and aid agencies have been helping and addressing multiple concerns of citizens during conflict, therefore, it was the right time for all including people with disabilities to get needed services.
The veteran leader said he places high hopes that this peace could be the last one to celebrate since all got tired of war.

He called on the people of South Sudan not to support anyone interested in devastating the country through rebellion while underscoring the need of prioritizing development and community empowerment.

Celebrating peace, not Genuine

The Executive Director, National Disabled Organization, Francis Aguek Madut said celebrating peace at this time gives no meaning since no implementation as per the agreement had so far been done.

He said celebrating the achievement of peace was a right thing to do but people were doing it at a wrong time.

“I don’t see any point of us celebrating this peace now. This is not the right time for making celebrations. What should be done first is the implementation,”Aguek said.

Aguek spoke to Juba Monitor on Sunday through phone from Tonj State when giving views on the current peace celebration scheduled to take place this week.

Francis Aguek, executive Director of National Disabled Organization (photo by Moses Gum)

He stressed the need of forming the Government of National Unity first, implementing some chapters of the agreement and then celebrating afterwards.

“What we should do first is to form the TGONU, improve the economy and implement the revitalized agreement. Doing so will indicate that the peace has been accepted wholeheartedly,” he said.

Aguek suggested the need to have all people including warring parties especially Dr. Riek Machar and other parties to the agreement in the country before celebrations take place.

He urged rival leaders to denounce violence and return to the beginning to rebuild the nation.


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