War and development cannot go together – Kiir

By William Madouk Garang

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has revealed that the government’s rapid developmental programs which include attracting foreign investment could not take place due to the war.

Kiir was speaking during the event on Saturday at Freedom Hall organized by South Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-Youth League (SPLM-YL), in honor of SPLM party’s leadership for the historical achievements under the theme, “celebrating the past and present achievement, while committing to the future.”

In his remarks, President Kiir stated that plans for the future without the past victory and the present challenges could be deemed as incomplete workadding that if there was no war, the country would have developed.

“Our path tothe rapid development was affected by senseless war we ended in September 2018. All our developmental programs including attracting direct foreign investment did not materialize because of the war we fought in 2013. The key point here, war and development do not go hand in hand,” said the president.

“Asmembers of the SPLM-Youth League, I would like you to take note of this point. War destroys and we cannot afford further destruction in our country.” he added.

He encouraged SPLM youth league to prioritize peace, champion their political ideals and use persuasion means to sell their political programs and ideologies. He warned them from all the negative practices that would undermine peaceful co-existence among the people.

On his part, the chairperson of SPLM-Youth League, Daniel Abocha Ali said the event was to reflect on SPLM history as a remembrance of how this country had come into existence and achievement done by party while obligating to future.

“As SPLM, if we don’t talk of what we have done nobody will talk about that, this is why we are here today to show to South Sudanese, Africa and worldwide that SPLM brought South Sudan and SPLM is alive,” Ali said. “Fellow young people having seen how our country was created and the great achievement SPLM has made, and having seen great roles played by our leaders and founders. It’s now our turn to own, develop and carry forward the legacy of our party.”

Ali urged youth to denounce all sorts of violence, hatred, tribalism, favoritism and negative practices that would undermine values of South Sudanese.

He also called upon youth to stop being mobilized and used as a tool of destruction towards their country but rather unite their forces to protect their sovereignty and stop miserable suffering caused by self-interest politicians.

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