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Wanawila urges prosecutors to uphold rule of law

Wanawila posing for a group photo with the legal administrators from the States (Photo by Morris Dogga)

By Morris Dogga

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Paulino Wanawila has warned public prosecution officers against practices that would not uphold the rule of law in the country.

There has been growing criticism from members of the public and some government officials over the manner in which public prosecution officers were handling cases.

Wanawila said there had been cases where some public prosecutors allowed cases in their table to be compromised by some individuals due to fear of their lives.

He further stressed that some of the prosecutors have become more loyal to some institutions and individuals to an extent that when there is a case against the institution, the prosecutor takes side.

Wanawila said such acts must not be tolerated urging the public prosecutors to abide by the legal laws of the country.

“If you don’t have the integrity and the stamina and the courage to tell the truth you may even end up compromising your personality and you will end up doing things that are not legal,” he said.

“So nobody is going to sympathize with us. But we need to be honest and we need to be strong enough to tell them the truth,” Wanawila added.

Given that the ministry was dealing with all the levels of the government, there was need to uphold the rule of law by the prosecutor in their respective states, the minister lamented

According to Wanawila some of the prosecutors did not know the difference between civil cases and criminal cases which had led to law performance.

He spoke on Thursday during a consultative meeting between the senior management of the ministry, director of directorates and the state legal administrators of the former ten States in the Ministry’s Premises.

The meeting was meant for the legal administrators to discuss the misunderstanding of the Ministry of Justice in prosecutions, the role of the ministry in rendering legal services in the 32 states as well as the consideration of the administration budget for 2018-2019.

The legal team was also expected to also discuss legislation drafting and the issue of contracts.

Wanawila said they would also devise mechanism of how to make the public aware of other roles of the Ministry of Justice.

He said most people including some lawyers don’t understand the role of the public attorney.

He revealed that the ministry was working towards the establishment of an independent office of the prosecutor general from the Ministry of Justice.


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