Wait and you will get yours

Akol Arop Akol

People are running up and down some are crying,  others smiling and other running,  your neighbors could be eating and enjoying life while you are starving and cursing life, what’s wrong with the World,  and why are there differences?  Why can’t people just be equal such that when they love or cry the do the same?  World can’t be fair to all. 

As you live in this World your life is defends on what you believe, if you believe that something will kill you, it will.  If you fill you are a loser in life, you will be a loser.  That’s why it is said what your achievements defend on the measure of your hopes and dreams. 

You should not be discouraged by the environment or people allow you, you must know that temptations, failures and criticism are the obstacles that you can’t escape.

 You are in a selfish and expensive world where everything is commercialized, tribal and with individual interests. Others are selfish that they turn their eyes away from you when you are suffering, they eat under their beds such that you may not smell their meals.  People will run away when poor, should you lose hope because you don’t afford to get all needs daily to live a happy life.

Your eyes need to see good things like visiting a new beautiful environment, meeting new friends and enjoying foods or wear new modern clothes but if you are poor, you can achieve all that you need but by using your talent creatively, working hard and hoping a lot, you will one day make it and people will feel proud having you as their friend.

 As per now, no one cares about you.  If when you talk, they pretend liked they are listening to your problems or act so busy, but do you need attention from everyone?  No one person who cares for you, listen with attentive ears and advises you will pure heart is enough.

That means you should not run after everyone to share life with them.  Sometimes you might love them and wish to be linked to them such that you share ideas of materials but totally refused, do not feel so rejected. Let your heart and mind be cleaned and righteous.

Once you focused on improving your personal life and succeed everyone will come back and be your friends because they believe that you can be their ladders to success.

Therefore, this is why you see people who are famous, power and wealthy being honored and loved more than others because they are inspirers and motivators in life.

 But sometimes those who have made to edge of success behave so dangerous, greedy and prefer to exploit others for their interests.  They act so proud like life was only made for them but as you look at them, don’t be sacred off, you can be better than them.  No matter how arrogantly they act with pride like they are better than you, don’t be downhearted.  Some of them have no peace in their lives because they got their wealth by wrong means which doesn’t last long.

Others have no problem but their greediness complicate their daily lives. It is not that rare; human beings all have personal issues that make them grieve.

Some things you don’t expect will come surprisingly and put a punch on you. In this world you are fighting with many different enemies, where some are physical and others are invisible. Do you feel hated, isolated and rejected by some people?

It is Satan that makes them evil. It comes and to use them through different ways. And you will be attacked either in form of another human or things that you use.

But by the grace of God you will always successfully walk on the path life. He will keep protect you from all attacks of devil.

So, do not let people take you away from your dignity, anytime one day you will have propensity. Let money not influence and take your attention because money is a source of evil, which mean when you misused you will destroy your life. No matter what they shall bring to you, do not be lured into darkness. Your life is bigger than everything.

Therefore, while struggling with life, don’t forget to ask God for forgiveness, protection and blessing. Whatever you do can be successful if you have faith to always say a prayer.

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