Wage war on tribalism, Minister tells youth

The Minister of General Education and Instruction, Deng Deng Hoc Yai urged the youth to wage a war against tribalism, which he said is threatening the unity of the country.

Minister Yai made the remarks yesterday in his address as the Guest of Honor representing the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports,Dr. Nadia Arop Dudi on the final celebration of the International Youth Day.

“If you don’t fight tribalism you will join tribalists.”“It’s our duty to do away with tribalism. If wedon’t do away with tribalism then it will do away with us,” Yaisaid.

“Tribalism is dividing the people of South Sudan; we must embrace unity because we are created by one God and are one people,” Yai said.

The Minister further explained that tribalism and division must be swept away from the society because through unity a lot can be achieved.

Yai also advised the youth to use their energy to produce for themselves and for the country in order to develop it.

Jok Abraham Thon, the Director of Promised Land Secondary School said that waging war against tribalism is the best move that the patriotic youth of this country must undertake.

“Tribalism to me is practised by youth who are not patriotic to their country; any youth who loves the country will not support tribalism.All the peaceful countries enjoy peace because of their patriotic nature towards their countries and this is what our youth must do,” Director Jok said.

Angelo Grace, a student told Juba Monitor that what is causing all the problems in the country is tribalism and vulnerability of youth to the selfish decisions by politicians.

“Tribalism can be killed if all the youth unite. My message to the youth outside there is that they should refuse to be used by greedy politicians whose aims are to divide the nation,” Grace said.

Minister Yai in his long address to the youths before going to the exhibition ground advised the youths to cultivate peace in their minds.

According to the Minister, “the youth have the energy and potential to make good use of the land to feed the people of South Sudan, so that we can stop complaining of hunger.”

“All these can happen if the youths are united towards a common course of achieving peace,” said Minister Yai.

Dr. Wilfred Ochan, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Deputy Country Director urged the government to invest in developing the youths.

“I urge the Minister to invest in the youth, they are change makers,” Ochan said.

He said the problem of Child Marriage is still a challenge calling for more investment in the youth.

He revealed that over 60 youth tested positive out of the 106 who took part in the HIV testing done as one of the events to mark the International Youth Day.

By Mandela Nelson Denis






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