Vulnerable centres to benefit from China Aid

By Moses Gum Degur

Over forty centres for the vulnerable groups will benefit from food aid and other items donated by China, the Chairperson of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, Martha Nyamal has said.

The Chinese embassy in Juba yesterday handed over sleeping materials and about 1,500 metric tons of rice as an emergency food aid to be delivered to the most vulnerables in the country.

The donated items include; 30, 000 bags of rice, 30, 000 blankets, 15, 000 mosquito nets and 3,700 sheltering tents and other items. The donation was part of the  pledge made by the government of China in April to help South Sudan.

Ms. Martha Nyamal said the donation will help the vulnerable population in the country, adding, this marked the third consignments of humanitarian assistances from the Chinese embassy in Juba to the needy South Sudanese.

She said the donated food items would benefit forty centres  where there were the most vulnerable groups of people including the Internally Dispalced Persons(IDPs), hospitals and orphanage centres in  a bid to reduce the burden of over dependent.

“We are really grateful to the People’s Republic of China for the gift of food,” Nyamal said. “It will help our people who are suffering in camps to enable them earn a living,” she added.

Ms. Nyamal  stressed that the assistance will be delivered directly to the vulnerable groups in places that have already been identified.

“The commission will continue to strictly monitor the distribution of food to make sure that it reaches the targeted people in various centres across the country,” Nyamal said. “If we find anybody selling the donated items in the market, we will know how to dealt with them. This is not for sale, but it is for consumption,” Nyamal cautioned.

She disclosed that they had received reports of some beneficiaries selling food items in the market. Howver, she urged those in need to report to the nearby centres to register in order to get their food rations.

The Chinese ambassador to South Sudan, He Xiangdong, said the donation was paramount since it was intended for the people of South Sudan, saying the citizens deserve to be supported because they are generous and have that courage of rebuilding their nation.

“This gift is intended to help vulnerable people of South Sudan. It is a gift from our heart,” Ambassador Xingdong said. “We did this because we understand the situation of South Sudan. We know how challenging the situation is. We even refer it to ours in China because we had experienced similar situation some sixty years ago,” he added.

The Ambassador said the government  of China would continue to make available “well-built hold up to South Sudan in humanitarian aid, state building and social-economic development.”

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