VP Wani disappointed by renewed inter-ethnic violence in greater Jonglei

By Yiep Joseph

Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga who was the chair of an ad hoc committee formed to reconcile warring communities in the restive Jonglei region said he was disappointed by recent waves of deadly inter-ethnic violence.

Daniel Abocha Ali the spokesperson of the committee led VP Igga expressed dismay at the recent attack on Baidit Payam, Bor County, Jonglei State where 32 people including three children were killed and a dozen others injured and homes torched.

“The Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr James Wani Igga who is also the Chairman of the committee is really disappointed by the recent attack on Baidit Payam, we as the committee condemned these criminal acts on innocent civilians,” Ali said.

“last year, VP Dr James Wani Igga toured almost all the places in Greater Jonglei on a mission to engage the communities to reconcile, he even walked long distances in areas completely covered by water. turning back to violence after all these efforts is a great disappointment,” he added.

Ali said although the terms of reference of the committee has elapsed, the body still has a supervisory task to encourage full implementation of the resolutions of reached by communities during the 2021 conference which held in Juba.

He called on the administrators of the Jonglei State and Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) to trace and bring the perpetrators to book the perpetrators of recent Baidit Payam.

“We call upon the government of the two areas (Jonglei and Pibor), they were the ones who were given the responsibility to implement the resolutions of the last year conference to immediately take action against the perpetrators of the that crime by identifying them and bring them to book” he said

Ali cautioned all governors and the communities to stop harboring criminals.

“This saying that we don’t know where this person came from must stop. These are South Sudanese and they are neighbors they know themselves so, we discourage harboring criminals by the communities, these criminals must be identified and brought to book,” he said.

According to him, the main causes of ethnic conflict in the country are related to cattle raid engineered by poverty among the youths and communities.

He said that the youths have a mindset that the term of reference of the team elapsed and thought it is right time for them to fight.

“We called on the government of the two states to engage the youths in order to live peacefully, it is a sole responsibility of the state  to implement the agreement of last year” he appealed

However, on 25th 1/1/2022 the Administration of Greater Pibor Administrative Area issued a condemnation and condolence message and vowed to trace the criminals with a move to bring them to book.

“The GPAA leadership is working hard to trace the location of the criminals so that the security forces can be dispatched to the area to apprehend the perpetrators” part of the letter read.

The letter also revealed that the perpetrators are suspected to be from Pibor Administrative Area 

In 2020 President Salva Kiir issued an order forming a 13-member committee with a mandate to resolve the ongoing intercommunal conflict in Jonglei state and Pibor

Kiir appointed Vice President James Wani Igga to lead the committee. The committee is deputized by Daniel Awet Akot, a former presidential adviser on military affairs. Other committee members include former Minister of Interior, Paul Mayom, and Daniel Abocha Ali.  Representatives of Bor South, Duk Padiet, Duk Payuel, Twic East, Waat, Akobo, Pibor, Fangak and Ayod areas will also be included in the committee.

Kiir has tasked the high-level committee to arrange for a consultative meeting with community elders from Jonglei and Pibor Administrative Area with the view to contain the security situation there.

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