VP Igga test positive of coronavirus

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Vice President in charge of the country’s Economics Cluster Dr.James Wani Igga has tested positive of coronavirus infection.

Declaring his COVID-19 status through the State run television (SSBC) on Saturday evening, Dr. Igga revealed that he had  tested positive of the virus on the same day..

“My sample was taken for testing some few days ago and today (Saturday), it has been found positive of coronavirus,” said Dr. Igga .

 Dr. Igga asked the public to go for massive test in order to avoid numerous transmissions in the country.  

“ I encourage all South Sudanese to really go for tests. This is really very important, so that we can stop the spread of this pandemic to more people,” Dr. Igga added in his statement. 

Recently, some top government officials who were diagnosed positive of coronavirus declared their status of the virus publicly.

They are the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs Angelina Teny , Information Minister Michael Makuei and the Vice President on Service cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol,.

At least there are more top government officials who have tested positive including the top five officials.   

Some other top officials within the then High Level Taskforce have not given their statuses to date.

It was earlier reported that most of the top officials who were initially in the High Level Taskforce were positive of coronavirus.  

Service Cluster Vice President, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol who is the Chairperson of the newly reconstituted National Taskforce was the latest official last week to declare himself adding to three officials who had gone public previously.  

Vice President Akol was among 188 last infected cases announced on Wednesday at the State’s Run television by the National taskforce

The total number of the positive cases remains at 994 as of Wednesday evening.  

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