VP Igga praises Juba Monitor’s chief for an effective contribution to S. Sudan

By John Agok

Ms. Anna Nimiriano
Juba Juba Monitor

Vice President for Economic Cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga has praised the editor-in-chief of Juba Monitor, Ms. Anna Nimiriano for ‘her long and effective contribution to South Sudan and the World via the famous Newspaper Juba Monitor.  

The VP also autographed and gifted Ms. Nimiriano his latest book as recognition for her contribution when he called her to receive it in his office on Monday.

“A gift to Editor in Chief (of Juba Monitor Newspaper), Cde Journalist Anna Nimiriano for her long and effective contribution to South Sudan and the World via famous Newspaper Juba Monitor,”.  The vice president wrote inside the front cover of the book.

On her part, Ms. Nimiriano appreciated the gift and wishes to read the content of the book.

“It is a great pleasure to have this first copy of the book before launching it. And also, to get recognized by a Very important person like Prof. Dr. Gen. WaniIgga is not easy but rare. I hope people will read the book as Juba Monitor Newspaper will advertise it from today. This will enable the next generation to remember the legacy of Dr. Igga,” the chief editor said.  

“This content is going to help us, especially leaders and experts to solve this economic hardship. I once again thank Dr. Igga for his tireless efforts in writing ten books by this one! It is not easy to reach here as he is busy with office work. It is an inspiration to the rest of people to follow the footsteps of Prof. James Wani,” she added.

The book title is,‘The Global Comparative Taxation with South Sudan as the Epicenter’ DR . Igga’s latest academically motivating and informative work on the taxation system in how revenues are collected. It has exciting exposure and demonstration on economics and public finance management.

For long, the world of taxation has been an inaccessible maze of technicalities, confined to a narrow circle of navigated experts and often hard to understand, even for people with a solid legal background.

More recently, taxes have made their way to headline news, raising a growing interest in civil society across the world and a genuine curiosity to understand how taxes in fact work.  Besides being a moral duty, paying taxes is a legal obligation, which each legal system regulates within a positive framework that establishes the rights arising in connection with such payment. More often, the revenue-raising function overshadows is the legal dimension of taxation “the cover of the book reads.

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