VP Dr. Wani urges Maban and Melut Communities to stay peaceful

By Morris Dogga

The Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga has called on the communities of Maban and Melut in Northern Upper Nile state, who have been having conflict, to stay peaceful.

Dr. Igga made the remarks while addressing the communities of Northern Upper Nile State where he held rallies.

He asked the people of Northern Upper Nile to denounce war and build the spirit of togetherness so that development can come to the area.

Dr. Wani is heading a high level committee formed by President Salva Kiir to investigate the disputes between the communities of Maban and Melut counties.

Last month the communities of Maban and Melut fought among themselves over the ownership of Kilo-Ashara, a town at the border of Melut and Maban.

Each community had claimed that the area belongs to them historically.

Following the dispute, President Salva Kiir formed a committee headed by the Vice President to look into the controversy over the ownership of Kilo-Ashara by the two communities.

According to a statement read to Juba Monitor on phone, the high level delegation found that lack of clear boarder demarcation was the major cause of the fighting in Kilo-Ashara.

The findings came after the committee met different stakeholders in the states, including the Governor, Members of Parliament, Commissioners and community leaders.

The committee also found that the issue had been made worse by some politicians from the state who wanted to serve their own interests and Agenda.

Akol Paul Kordit, the Vice Chairperson of the Committee formed by the President told Juba Monitor that the committee has done almost 90 percent of the data collection process.

He said the Vice President formed three sub committees to collect information from the communities, ministers, commissioners, MPs and the governor.

Kordit added that the communities have also given full recommendation to the delegation to resolve the issue.

Kordit said the Vice President is expected to hold another rally today at Renk, the headquarters of Northern Upper Nile State to address the people.

He said the sub-committee formed will be holding discussions with the youth, women groups and the elders so that they hear their views on how the people should co-exist peacefully.

Kordit said following the visit of the Vice President, the tension between the two communities has reduced and the communities have agreed to work together.



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