VP Dr. Igga eulogizes departed Legge as champion

Vice president James Wani Igga

By Emelda Siama John

Vice President James Wani Igga eulogizes departed Peterno Legge Omini who died on Wednesday 8th December 2021 in Lirya and was buried on Saturday 11th 2021 as a champion.

The course of the death of Brig. Legge was hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and he was Oiria Monyomiji government (Ruling Generation) muraall from 1973-2002 and survived with 2wives and 12children

The Vice president of Economic and Cluster James WaniIgga said that PeternoLegge was an honest man, he was patriotic a person of courage and a mentor to the people of South Sudan and Lirya community.

He revealed that PeternoLegge was one of the leaders in Lokoya land and he respected the people, love the young and elderly people and was a freedom fighter.

“Among the three people in Lokoya land who did a lot of things not in the communities alone, but in government was PeternoLeggeOmini since from Anya-Anya one, secondly SenturinoOhure also does many things and chief Loleke is also one of the important persons, south Sudanese should not forget him at all,if we are going for peace we go together in the same boat,” Wani said.

The educational qualification and award of Legge, he joined elementary leaving Certificate, Lirya Elementary school in 1961-1964, junior leaving Certificate, bulk secondary school, juba in 1968-1973, Sudan school certificate, Rumbek senior secondary school in 1973-1976, Diploma in General Tropical Agriculture, Yambio Institute of Agriculture in 1976-1978.

He went to do a 3-month (1\8-30\10) certificate in seed production and processing senior national seed production in Khartoum, Five months (1\8-30\10)certificate in seed quality control national seed quality control Lanet in Kenya.

Late Legge also went to do high diploma in seed technology, Egerton University in Kenya in 1986-1988, B. A degree in community development was awarded by Norwegian people Aid in honour of good work as community Development Field Coordinator for Vocational Skills Training in Southern Sudan in 2000. Eleven days certificate in planning and management of community development project, Uganda management Institute in Kampala in 2004. Fourteen dayscertificate in monitoring and Evaluation conducted by Chief Executive Overseas development Ground in the University of East Anglia Norwich in 2006 in the UK. 

The certificate of Recognition awarded by the Africa mentoring Institute in conjunction with the international business clinic during weeks of intensive training in logistics procurement and supply management for SPLA in 2006 in Yei, fifteen days certificate in NGO Management course conducted by MS training centre for development cooperation in Arusha Tanzania in 2006 and certificate in Electoral focus seminar on civil- ministry Relation conducted by the centre for civil ministry Relation CCMR Naval postgraduate school in California USA.

He joined Ox-plough promotion Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources in 1978, District Seed Officer, project Development unit, seed production section in Yei in 1979-1986 and Senior Seed Inspector, Equatoria Region Agriculture Program (ERAP) Yei in 1987-1989.

PeternoLeggeOmini joined the rank of SPLA and participated in many Liberation battles in 1990, manager of Upper Talanga Tea Project, National Economic Commission SPLA in 1993, Deputy Chief Agriculture Coordinator, and Sudan Relief Rehabilitation Association (SRRA) in 1995.

He further joined Seed Officer, Norwegian people Aid (NPA) Community Chukudum, Agriculture Manager, Christian Relief Rehabilitation (CRR) New Cush in 1996

He was an Advisor on investment and development, CES Government in 2008-2010, Chairman of SPLA Mobilization and Election Campaign Committee, LiryaPayam in 2010, the Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement in 2010-2012, Advisor on Economic and Development in 2014, Chairman of Lirya Development Committee in 2012, Advisor for Peace and Reconciliation, Jebek State in 2012-2019, and also SPLA member of State Liberation council in 2021 plus many others.

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