Vocational skills Graduates promise to rebuild lives


A beneficiary shows his certificate at the graduation ceremony (photo credit: Denis Moini):

By Moses Gum Degur

Beneficiaries of vocational skills training who graduated on Tuesday have expressed readiness to start using their skills to rebuild lives.

Over 205 beneficiaries including ninety one women and 125 men graduated after nine months of vocation skills training conducted by Support for Peace and Education Development Programme (SPEDP), in collaboration with Stromme Foundation at Gudele Block 9 on Tuesday.

The learners received training certificates in areas of tailoring, building, simple electricity, plumbing, and catering among other disciplines.

Batali Francis who was trained in phone and Radio repair said out of the knowledge gained, he will establish a small business to sustain his livelihood.

He urged idle youth to join the programme such that they could be self-reliant like him.

Ms. Night Kakule Samuel, one of the graduates said she was very happy to do the training because she had learned a lot of skills in clothes sowing.

“Before joining this training I was staying at home doing nothing and I even don’t have the sowing skills that I have now. So far, I can sow female skirts and shirts, Male T-shirts, Pupils uniforms etc. The training has motivated me and made me have hope for future because it can sustain and make me self-reliant,” she expressed.

“Now I am no longer a burden to my father and mother because I can afford my personal basic needs,” she added.

She urged youth who still relied on parents for handouts to join the vocational skills training.

James Losuba, the Operations Manager and the acting Chief Executive Officer for SPEDP said the skills acquired by beneficiaries would bring changes in their lives as they will be able to do their own businesses.

“I am very happy to see such a great number of learners awarded certificates for the completion of vocational skills training. You will have changed in household as most of you will be engaged in business making,” Losuba said.

He advised the beneficiaries to utilize the skills and embark on micro scale businesses to generate income.

“I know it was not that easy to come every day to attend the training because of the responsibilities and domestic activities you were doing but you have managed to complete the training which is really great,” Mr. Losuba praised.

He encouraged women and girls to continue with the spirit of competing with men in vocational activities that impacts communities.

Mawa Samuel, representative from Stromme Foundation thanked the learners for their struggle to complete the training, urging them to use their skills to make them independent from their parents.

“You will build a family out of these skills you have achieved. Whoever dropped out of school should use the chance to go back to school and continue with education,” Mawa said.

Stephen Lomoro from the Ministry of Education department of Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) urged the learners to take the certificates and look for jobs instead of taking the certificates and keep it under the bed.

He said having skills in various capacities will help build community resilience and reduce the rate of criminal activities.




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