Vocalist appeals for support

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Sube aka Emmanuel is one of South Sudan’s sweetest vocalists is appealing for support to better his music career.

The slim body singer whose true love song recently drove fans of Kili-Kilu ana comedy show crazy is a potential winner of a talent search contest if at all such contest exists.

With fluent Arabic (Khartoum) and a bit of English and Arabic Juba, Sube aka Emmanuel has all it takes to battle famous vocalists in the country.

“At the moment I get my support from my brothers, sisters and friends, who love my best but not constant support,” Sube said.

“At times I have this urge for studio session and there is no money and this is why I am appealing to anyone out there to support me because I believe I am talented.”

2009 was the year that Sube, a resident of Gumbo started doing music but from then he only has four songs-true love, Mafi Tani, and sorry.

Sube who works as a boda-boda cyclist said he cannot cater for audio production because the money he earns is not enough.

Currently audio production for a single song costs about 15,000 South Sudanese Pounds and video production cost an estimated more than 50,000 SSP.

There are thousands of talented South Sudanese but many lack support.

Several talent search platforms have been created by both locals and foreigners to spot and nature talents in the country but most are extinct.


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