Vocal Talent search scores season two

By Elia Joseph Loful

Vocal Talent search and Miss Junub Sudan program has scored the move of conducting season II for 2020-2021, the institution said in a press release obtained by Juba Monitor yesterday.

The group M/S Inventive are pioneers who successfully organized the “Talent Search” program for South Sudanese in 2019 as one of their first ever season which took place at Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba.

According to the press release, the program started simply as youth weekly entertainment platform where it activities involved stage interviews and performance every Friday and Sunday in the evening hours. Their programs which are broadcast via South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) do attract thousands of audience in the country.

The Talent Search and Fashion program aims at exposing young South Sudanese and give them an opportunity to showcase their valuable talents and skills they possess.

The initiative does not let go the gifted blood winners, however, they are being awarded either financially as well material gain for their endeavors. The awards prestigious awards range from platinum, gold and silver respectively.

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