Visually impaired musician appeals for support

By Wek Atak Kacjang

A visually impaired musician in the Country has appealed for support, saying the novel coronavirus has affected the country’s music industry.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor,the visual impaired Musician Peter MabakMayakcommonly known as “Mr.Widden” said that life has become difficult to manage ever since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out.

“As musician, we make a living by holding shows, but since the government has banned social gatherings, wedding and night clubsdue to coronavirus, life has become very difficult,” he explained.

Mr. Widdenstarted music when he was just 10 years old, but due to financial situation in the country, hecould not record anyof his songs. 

“I started recording in 2015 afterreceiving a support from well-wishers. Now, lots of songs are to be recorded, but I have no support and cannot by myself raise 8,000 SSP for a song,” he narrated.  

According to Mr. Widden, he started his musician industry in 2015. 

 “As someone talented in music, I was motivated to sing after listening to songs by Gordon Koangand PaulinoMesakaand others who are visually impaired like me. I managed to overcome all likelihoods as I began singing because I knew that disability was not inability.”

Widen urged the government and organizations to intervene by supporting the visually impaired artists in the country. However South Sudan constitution recognizes the rights of people with disabilities and people with special needs.

“Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, welacked access to basic services like education. Education is human right, but as the visually impaired, we need full support within the period of COVID-19,”

South Sudan has so far recorded 7,925 cases of COVID-19, after 155 new cases were registered and the death toll stands at 93 over the last 48 hours while nine patients recovered from the virus.

Music industry in the country has not grown fully andit is mostly influenced by different cultures as people come back from different countries during the war.

The music is therefore mixture of legends like Hip-Hop music and others languages.

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