Editorial 26th April 2018

SPLA acting chief of Defense Force, has assure the country that he will carry out the mission and vision left behind by the untimely departure of the late James Ajongo Mawut who passed on in Cairo, Egypt last week. The remark by General Gabriel Jok Riak to continue program of professionalizing a lean and up to date force is an indication that the hierarchy of the defense force has all along been working in earnest together to bring up disciplined unit to serve the country. It will also make a mark of the dream come true during the period the late Gen. Ajongo was at the helm. His dreams could only succeed if collectively attended to by all officers of goodwill and trust, Riak being one of them. He will also need support of all others to succeed in the mover forward. But mostly, like any other sector, peace will be of paramount to the success of any positive undertaking one may desire to achieve. We cannot over emphasize that the force need transformation and realignment to bring it to the world standard of armed forces. Some of the officers have been exposed in the world military academies and other institution for advancement of their career. They should come forward and help shape the force for the betterment of the country. The commander in chief has trusted them with this noble assignment, it is now their duty to perfect or do it effectively. May be the success would one day make them a happy lot knowing that they had left positive legacy behind them. May be it will also be a tribute to the parted soul of the late Ajongo whose dream, mission, vision and ambition remained incomplete because of the cruel hand of death. May be it could this would be a better way to say good-bye to the late General James Ajongo Mawut who is being laid to rest today. May his soul rest in eternal peace.         

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