VISA-Waiver is not a walk in walk out

By Yiep Joseph

South Sudan National Police service yesterday urged foreigners not to take advantage of visa waiver to enter the country without other necessary documents required by the law.

This came after some foreigners who are suspected to be without stay permits and other necessary requirements, among them valid passports, were alleged to have been arrested and later released by the Immigration department after patting with some cash payments

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Maj. Gen Daniel Justin said that many foreigners considered the recent visa waive for Ugandans and Kenyans as a ticket to move in and move out without other necessary documents.

“All foreigners need to have other necessary document such as passport and the stay permit. You cannot just go to a foreign country anyhow because visa fees is waived for you in the country. There are other usual requirements that regulate your stay” he said.

He revealed that the Immigration Department was tasked to search for those without document and direct them to apply for the stay permit for those who wanted to stay.

He said that foreigners from some East African countries where visa fees had beenwaived could enter the country freely, stay for a month but in casethey wanted to stay for more than that, there was need to apply for stay permit.

He called on foreigners to have passport and apply for stay permit in order to live without any interruption

“As foreigner you need to apply for stay permit and pay for it” he added.

“For those who are employed, you can get a letter from Ministry of labor and bring it to migration because you are an employee either in the private or public sector after that you deserve a stay permit for one year which is also renewable” he explained.

On the 4th of October this month, it was reported that South Sudan had waived off visa fees for Ugandans not so far from the month visa fees was waived off for Kenyans in response to both countries waiving the same for South Sudanese with valid passport.

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