VISA-Over 25 Ugandans arrested in Gumbo

Tereza Jeremiah Chuei              

Over twenty five Ugandan nationals were arrested on Thursday over visa according some of the victims and close sources to the activities going on in the station. However Gumbo Immigration Police Station did not confirm or deny the arrests.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, a business women next to the Gumbo immigration office said that the officers were arresting people without visa every day mostly Ugandan nationals, since they were the majority around Gumbo-Suk Market.

On the same note, some sources added that after you being arrested one is charged and told to pay certain amount money depending on the circumstance, for an individual to be released.

Earlier a victim who called Juba Monitor said how his wife was arrested with others and parked in a small blue car to the station. However, the Juba Monitor team could not access the victims but saw a number of activities going on with one of the a member from the station revealing that “currently the only people left in custody are those who had failed to pay the amount mention to them, while the rest that who had paid the fee charges had been released.

Contacted for comment the Immigration Director GeneralAtemMarolBiar said “ l am out of Juba. Can you talk to my officers’ there”. Efforts to get any of his officers were futile.

On Thursday the officers were warned against illegal visa fee collection at Nimule boarder by the ministry of interior.

The Deputy spokesperson of the police, Brig Gen. James DakKarlotold them that, visa waiver was effectively from 5th October that mean whoever charged visa fee  after that was corrupt and should be penalized according to the penal code of evident act 2006.

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