The Presidential Advisor on Legal Affairs, Lawrence Korbandy has without reservations given all the parental advice to those students who are good listeners. He was judicious as he told the students to persevere and bear the brunt of the difficult situation in the country. Students who want to see a vibrant future must listen to their elders, parents and respect the instructors or teachers. Korbandy advised the students not to give up otherwise they would drop out of school. Any student who is not ready to live in the Kingdom of doom should have a vision and mission. Success is not a friend to those who go to school because their friends are in school. You don’t need to be a follower. You must formulate your own principles to guide you in the quest for knowledge. It takes a fool to ignore the common saying that “Education is the Key to Success.” Indeed it is not deniable that most of the students in this country are faced with numerous challenges as they battle with studies sometime in an environment which is not learning friendly. There are those whose parents are unable to pay school fees because most educational institutions in the country are expensive. As the year comes to an end, students should be well prepared for final exams. Time is ripe to explore the topics and subjects that are difficult to avoid fear and panic during examinations. For those in the higher institutions of learning, you need to limit your leisure time into your life. Even if you are doing jobs for your sustenance like guarding, make sure you use the little time available for studying. You should not alter your study schedule and identify the day you have the least pressures on your time. This is the only way you can become a successful student. The future is for hardworking students.

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