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Views of South Sudanese Citizens Living in Kampala

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

The South Sudan Independence Day was not officially celebrated in Kampala but a great number of South Sudanese living in Uganda including Kim Gai, member of East African Legislative Assembly shared their sentiments regarding the 8th Independence Anniversary.


Kim Gai said on this day, “let us think of silencing our guns and find solution to our problems so that we can achieve peace by implementing the Revitalized Peace Agreement for our country to have rule of law.


As our flag flutters high, let’s strengthen the foundation of our country by building schools, improving the health care sector and fighting corruption in the Country.


And finally let us forgive each other and foster reconciliation because we are one, united with the same hopes and aspirations of South Sudanese who believe in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, together we can make South Sudan strong and powerful in the region and for our country to always flourish and continue celebrating better and more prosperous years of independence.

According to Clement Maring Samuel, former deputy governor of Terekeka State who read out the riddle of the light of the nation “We light the candles for those who perished in the senseless war as we celebrate the 8th Anniversary of the Independence of South Sudan it was on this Day 9-7-2011 that we celebrated the independence of South Sudan which lasted the long suffering of the people of South Sudan from political oppression and social injustices from our brother in the Sudan”.

The raising of the newest flag in the whole world was seen flying in the sky marking the birth of the newest nation South Sudan, and the people of South Sudan joyfully celebrated their independence, congratulations!

The birth of the new nation signaled a new dawn for stability and development, however, two years after independence, the country was returned to senseless war caused by wrangle over power between the SPLM party members which created political and social unrest in the entire country.

The people of South Sudan still have the ability to put the country back to its original status because without peace the independence will be meaningless to the rural people of South Sudan and the entire political elites of the country.

Fellow citizens, let us respect the signing of the 12th September, 2018, of the Revitalized Peace Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS) when it was signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The immediate intention was to end the senseless war and to restore stability in the country.

Since the peace was signed on 12/9/2018, there were number of obstacles and impediments in the implementation of the R-ARCSS and South Sudanese are continuing to suffer in the neighboring countries and at home. Therefore, we the people of South Sudan urge the peace partners in the country and the guarantors of the peace to speed up the implementation process so that the South Sudanese can return home immediately to settle and participate in the development of their country.

Ustza Dhieu Ariik, South Sudanese citizen living in Uganda said the Independence celebration was a well-deserved national event because our fallen heroes and heroines sacrificed their dear lives for us to be independent. Therefore, the independence of South Sudan alone can’t deliver. The leadership of the country should give education a chance to transform our nation and the people.

“South Sudanese are yearning for peace to be restored fully back to the country and the easy way to do it is to reunite people to support the peace agreement because peace agreement will make our country independent from the challenges that we are now going through,” said Dhieu.

Rebecca Kiden, a business woman in Kampala said the independence of South Sudan is good regardless of the challenges that we are facing as business community here in Uganda. With presence of peace now, one can confidently say happy independence celebration to the people of South Sudan because those challenges and problems shall soon come to an end. Our political leaders should realize their mistakes and forgive one another for the sake of suffering citizens of South Sudan.

Hopefully, peace will be achieved and that was the important part of the celebration. Once again, happy independence to the people of South Sudan back home and here in foreign countries. Congratulations!


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