Victims of man-made disasters

By Ngor Khot Garang

Most of us, South Sudanese sometimescall it luck when they get the chance to go to bed and then they get blessed to wake up the next day.  They consider it luck to be on their side. But the other sad part of it, is that luck don’t happen quite often as the problems that we use to face with tears in our eyesevery day.

We are people whose beautiful days have been turned to long dark nights. Our nights on the other hand, are indescribable. It is hard to be alive in a world that is constantly seeking to destroy you. You struggle on your own to survive; somebody is lurking behind to harm you. It describes today’s situation. We fight back, on our knees all the time begging for solution. Who listen? See our life situation and what you have been subjected to. What do you say? Your life depends on the choices made by someone as there are people who decide who lives and who dies.

I pray you don’t become a victim of their political gaming, but are we really safe?  Hunger is there and anything can happen. Why do we have to pay this heavy price in our own land? A bullet on somebody’s head, dead and children left behind. Woman has just been raped by unknown men. On the other hand, somebody has taken millions of dollars meant for community development. He is in the USA with his family now. No wonder, if you are poor or rich. You remain where you are for generations.

What about the calculation made before this country became an independent nation that if the resources of the country were to be shared equally not for an individual’s stomach but for the greater good of all, every South Sudanese from different walks of life will go home with $300 or more. This money, it is true that some people cannot afford SSP 500 or less a day. Where does this money go?

Not my business, I am also a struggling young man. But I need my rights. I need to be respected in my own country. Who will listen? We cry and before we wipe our tears another calamity both natural and man-made strikes before we understand the first one.  Is this not living, knowing that sooner or later you will not be there because the walls of the world will fall upon you to your untimely death? I think the happy ones especially those accorded with respect are the dollar holders not paper holders. It is not money they sweat for, so why should you respect men who rob the poor to lead a happy life?

You will find that someone will spend good painful years in school with high hope that when he put the pen down, he will be able to contribute to the development of the country to enjoy like the rest but unthinkably, you find that the person ends up a drunkard or even mad because the market has been taken up by the wrong people who are enemies of progress and strangers to development. 

It has occurred to me that the reason why most of the young  people resort to crimes and later end up in prison is because they have nothing to do and when they try to go to school they get thwarted by school fees since  they come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This is hard to understand, life is hard and I don’t know if things will ever change or if we will ever get a space to   rest,  relax,  laugh,  play,  dance, stay together and feel at home like rest of the world.

It makes one to tremble with fear and despair to measure the magnitude of man’s cruelty against his own kind. As you are thinking of the way to feed your family and working hard to send your children to school, someone is thinking of how to destroy you for the reason that you cannot understand. 

Just imagine millions of people who were once happy at home with their loved ones, they are now facing acute food shortage in the darkest corners of the world where they are often abused both physically, sexually and some of them have perished trying to escape death. I wonder what I would say if I’m given a chance to describe my once beautiful land.

It is without doubt that it is this country where you will not spend three hours without hearing the sound of an ambulance with mourners singing sorrowful songs. It is also here where malnutrition crucifies thousands of children.  It is in this land where businesses like grave digging and coffin making are flourishing more than health centers. And sadly, it is in this land where we are cutting trees that should have given each and every South Sudanese a shade.

And i don’t know if anything will ever break our hearts more than seeing a dying child on street, a young child leaving the world before their time because of hunger or minor sickness that could have been treated.

I guess the world is like that but ours surpasses all, the suffering of South Sudanese is beyond pain and something has not been paid attention. How I wish we had chosen life not death, we would have been the happiest people in the whole world and sorrow be replaced with endless stream of happiness.

God for the sake of South Sudan, mend our broken hearts and give each one of us the eyes to see the country that we have for long time sought to destroy and we will not ask you for anything else.

Thanks for reading Finding column.

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