Victims of demolitions stranded in Jebel Nyoka

By Yiep Joseph

Over fifty households in Jebel Nyoka remained homeless, stranded and in the cold with children after their houses were demolished by Juba City Block.

The demolition is alleged to have been carried out by Juba City Block under influence of some individuals who wanted to grab the land from Jebel Nyoka residents more especially after demolition.

A seventy years old Susan Abella whose house was demolished explained that on Wednesday, officials from Juba block came without informing them and started demolishing their houses leaving them stranded and helpless. 

“Some officials from Juba block just came and destroyed our houses, they told us that they do not want us in this place but we have no where to go since our houses were demolished, we have been under rain and sunshine till now,”Abella said.

She revealed that Juba block officials demolished their houses citing that they did not deserve to own that land.

“Iam aMadi from Nimule, I have been here in Jebel Nyoka for almost 20 years now,I am wondering why my house is just demolished.They said I do not deserve the land because I am from Madi,whom do they want to give this land to, that person who deserves the land more than me who have stayed here for long,” she complained.

“This issue started that this people do not want me from here saying I am a foreigner, but I am not a foreigner but South Sudanese from Nimule.”

She called on the Juba City Council and the Ministry of Land and Housing in Central Equatoria State to stop discrimination when coming to distribution of land among citizens.

“My message to the state government is that we are all South Sudanese people and we all deserve where to stay or live, even Bari people can also stay in Nimule and own land the same to other tribes,” she said.

“What I want them to do is to get for me where I can stay since I have nowhere to go to.”

Tereza Lawa Dominic claimed that there were people who were behind the move to grab the land under the pretext of Juba block.  

“Some people have been disturbing us since 2019 up to now, they wanted us to leave this land for them but I have nowhere to go the rain has been beating me since my house was demolished,” Lawacomplained.

“We went to court and the court told us that this place we are living in is a government land and urged us to live.”

GraceTabanHenry explained that those who demolished their houses had been on the mission to send them out of that land for long.

“If they want to demolish there is need to give us forms to fill and there will be alternative and if onekeeps deaf ears then that is where your house can be demolish,” she complained.

She called on the leaders to have good heart of handling issues with care and heart of humanity.

“Iam urging those people of Juba block to handle leadership and not to handle issues with force and threat of their military back ground,” she cautioned.

“We are not going anywhere we have no any other place to relocate ourselves, we will stay in the rain.”

She mentioned that those who demolished their houses had also closed water point, a place where they used to get water.

Stella Angelo a mother of three revealed that she had been outside with a two months old child since her house was demolished citing, she had no money to erect another tent.

“The Juba block destroyed most of the houses on Wednesday and I told them not to destroyed my house because my child is still small two months old,we cannot manage the rain but the refused now my children and I are just outside and we have no money to erect a tent,” Stella said.

Adil Joseph Ladu one of the members in the area called on the government tointervene and help

“My message to the government is to help us iam just outside with all my children because I have nowhere to go,” Adil said.

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