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Vice-chancellorwelcomesfees revocation

Prof John AkechApurot,Vice-chancellor of University of Juba

By Opio Jackson

The vice-chancellor of the University of Juba, Prof. John Akec Apurot has welcomed the revocation of tuition fees, President Salva Kiir declared during his state of the nation address last week.

Prof Akech said he has no objection on the move by the president.

“President of the republic is the chancellor of all public universities and if the chancellor says he is reversing the tuition fees because of the situation then we have to comply,” Akech said.

“That is a good manner and it is now no longer the responsibility of the vice-chancellor as the chancellor will provide all the ways forward.”

The vice-chancellor made the statements during the orientation of newly admitted students in the University of Juba.

He argued that the administration of the university earlier raised the tuition fees “after realizing that the operation costs have gone ten times higher.”

The university was not getting money from the government and decided it was better to ask the students to meet the costs, Akech added.

He said:

“In countries where education is provided free of charge like Norway there is somebody whoalways pay for it. For instance in Turkey they do not charge fees simply because the budget is hundred percent being paid for.

“In fact common services are paid through taxes, but we are in a society that doesn’t pay taxes….those of us who work and pay taxes still don’t know where these taxes are always taken.”

Prof. Akech urged the newly admitted students to be “understandable,” assuring them that he is working for the benefit of the university.





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