Vendors raise concern over increased garbage

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Vendors at the customs taxi park are raising concern over the increased dumping of garbage in the park and some public places in Juba.

The Custom Park is one of the busiest Taxi parks in Juba.

Some vendors who spoke to Juba Monitor said the City Council was not doing enough to collect the garbage.

Ring Akol Dut, one of the vendors selling drinks at the park said the fate at which the garbage is being dumped at the park was alarming.

“It is 100 percent wrong to keep garbage in a place where human been lives, where they eat, drink, and sit, even if not about health again it is not totally good to expose our country in such a way,” Mr. Dut said.

“We as the park users, we are always complaining about the issue but the authorities always threaten to chase us from there that is why we are quiet because we have no any other space to sell our small goods,” he decried.

Mary Suzan sells water and other drinks at the park. She said that the issue of garbage in Juba was a big challenge affecting the women who were vending in the park.

She said that many vulnerable women sell along roads in order to survive or to cater for their family but in every place where they sell their water or other goods there was garbage dumped everywhere.

“In order to survive we have no voice because in South Sudan they normally say “Mara sakit”  so women are not considered, when it comes to decision making many men undermine what women say,” she said.

“What we are saying as women is that we want clean and safe environment for us to continue with our small business because it is the only way for the South Sudanese women to restore their livelihood in the country,” Ms. Suzan said.

Sarah Laku boards a taxi at the park every morning to go to work. She said she always feels disappointed seeing the garbage all over the city.  

 “Why are we deciding to keep garbage in the park where everyone has to see and smell? Sarah questioned.

 “Are the authorities seeing what is happening, if they are seeing what are they thinking about it or what exactly is going on because people cannot always be reminding you as an authority while you keep on doing what people do not like,” she asked.

Victor Elias, a resident of Mouna Block two believes the new government would tackle the issue.

“The only thing I can say is that let us wait for this new government which is going to be formed and we see what they are going to do because the previous one, every one understands who were those people,” Elias said.

However, efforts to reach Juba City council authorities for comment were not successful.

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