VATICAN to install Ameyu as scheduled

By Morris Dogga

The Vatican says the installation of Bishop Stephen Martin Ameyu Mulla as the metropolitan archbishop of Juba diocese would continue as scheduled on the 22nd March 2020.

Tension erupted among the Catholic Church when some goers and some priest who were opposed to the appointment of Bishop Ameyu as the new archbishop claimed that he was not eligible to be appointed as the metropolitan archbishop.

The group claimed that some government officials and priests influenced the appointment of Ameyu for their personal interests.

They also raised concerns over Bishop Ameyu’s knowledge of local language and the culture of the indigenous communities of the Archdiocese of Juba.

Last Sunday, a group of the congregation at Saint Theresa’s Cathedral Kator threw stones at each other following a disagreement over the announcement of the installation of Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla as new Archbishop of Juba scheduled for March, 22, 2020.

Following the scuffle, the security personnel including the tiger division shielded off the church to quell a protest planned by the laity.

Archbishop Paulino Lokudu Loro called for calm in the church.

Visvaldas Kulbokas, a delegate for the congregation of the evangelization of people which act under the mandate of his holiness Pop Francis came to Juba to follow up the supervision of the preparations of the event.

He said Ameyu would be installed on the scheduled date to start his duties as the new archbishop of Juba though there was little work to be done.

“I believe that the most important part remaining is that of a sincere prayer for coming together of all faithful in the archdioceses of Juba around the new archbishop  as a sign of our faith and members of the Universal Catholic Church,” he said.

The defiant group insisted that there would be no chance for him to serve as Archbishop of Juba and threatened that they would not cooperate with him.

It remains to be seen if bishop Ameyu who hails from Torit would get the maximum cooperation from the Church members

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