Vatican should discipline dissident priests

By: Opio Jackson (Guest)

Last week the Bishop conference of Sudan and South Sudan expressed dismay over the recent complaints raised by some priests following the appointment of Stephen Ameyu as Metropolitan Archbishop of Juba.

The Bishops regretted the inappropriate language used by the priests in their two separate letters against the Holy See. Although it was a good step taken by the Bishops conference to make their position clear but those dissident priests who vowed to close all the doors of Churches from elect Archbishop if the Holy Father insisted to uninstall Stephen Ameyu.  The threatening language used by those priests had demonstrated to the entire country that power struggle is indeed in the blood stream of every South Sudanese whether you are a priest or not. Everyone is power hungry even the husband want to dominate the family although he contributes nothing towards the welfare of the family.

One can argue that the issue has become a matter of life and death and it is very unfortunate that as Christians who claim to be the followers of Jesus Christ have become worse than pagans. Today the campaign for human rights versus the question of free will, moral liberty has become the most important philosophical problems of all time. But as Roman Catholics, we must be guided by our traditions and the laws to determine the course of our thoughts and volitions before we act. We need to decide which motives shall prevail within our minds so as not to act along the rigid lines. For that matter the Vatican should demand apology from these priests who protested or are still protesting against the appointment of Stephen Ameyu for rebelling against the Holy See. As in any rebellion against the highest administration can amount to dismissal if the person fails to admit the wrong, the Vatican needs to take punitive measure against those priests who want to divide the faithful in the universal Church in South Sudan as well the Bishop Conference of Sudan and South Sudan has the obligation to restraint the priests who went astray in the Church.  

In my opinion these priests deserve dismissal from the Church because if they continue to serve the faithful they are likely to train wrong seminarians into priesthood given their responsibility in the major seminary (formation Centre) because according to Code of Canon Law Chapter III clerics are to refrain from establishing or participating in associations whose purpose or activity cannot be reconciled with the obligations proper to the clerical state or can prevent the diligent fulfillment of the function entrusted to them by competent ecclesiastical authority.

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