Vaccination on hold as health workers undergo training

By Atimaku Joan

The vaccination process of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in some states remained pending as health workers needed to undergo training on how to administer the drug.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, the project Supervisor of Sped up Organization based in Yei Eastern Equatoria Ngota Charles Clement   confirmed that they have received the vaccine yesterday but there was a need to plan for the training of the people who would administer the vaccine.

“We received the vaccine today but after it arrived, of course there is a planning on the ground to train the vaccinators and the nurses on ground who are going to implement the immunization or vaccination program and this one will depend because we are still waiting from our headquarters in Juba to bring us budget for the training,” said Clement. 

He revealed that they had not yet received budget approved for the training of the nurses who would be administering the vaccination in his state.

He stated that even if the new vaccine reaches, it would have to be launched after the training of the health workers.

However, the Medical Director of Bor hospital Dr. Bol Chaw Manyang   said that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine had not reach Jonglei state specifically in Bor town but if it did, then there was a need for the preparation on how to do the vaccination.

“If they bring it, then those preparations will be there,” said Manyang.

Earlier this month, it was reported by Juba Monitor that the National Ministry of Health had announced the rollout of the Johnson and Johnson covid19 vaccine in the ten states and the three Administrative Areas.

The single Dose Vaccine was launched in Juba early this month in the ongoing fight against the global pandemic.

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