VACATE Our houses before we return – IDPs

By Peter Gatkuoth

Responding to the Presidency call for refugees to return to their homes, the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) said they want all the security arrangements in place and their houses vacated before they can leave the camps.

Last week the presidency called on the people in protection of civilians’ sites to come out and refugees in the neighboring countries to return home and resettle. The presidency added that the government will do its utmost best to ensure they are supported to resettle in their home areas.

Some IDPs in Juba said they were ready to return to their homes but those who are occupying their homes should leave.

Sudan Gueth Deng, a refugee in Juba Protection of Civilians (PoC) site said he cannot just go out when his security was not guaranteed.

 “We as IDPs we cannot just go out, we have reservations and these include security arrangement, since we came here  in 2013 when the war broke out, our houses have been occupied by soldiers and others have been destroyed,”  he told Juba Monitor in an Interview.

“When you want to go back to your home, you will see the big men in the army occupying your home and when you claim your home by going to court maybe your home cannot be given to you.”

If you are lucky, Gueth said maybe that person can say she/he will give you money for your house.

He said the police should take charge of the security in the cities instead of soldiers moving with guns every time adding that the presence of the military creates mistrust among the citizens.

 “Let those soldiers carrying guns leave those places and let the police take their responsibilities,” he urged the president and the Vice Presidents.

Gueth said with the current economic crisis, the IDPs would find it very difficult to cope up if they just leave the camps.

“We need Presidency to first stabilize the economy because we don’t expect anything from the government, we need free movements, let the prices of commodities come down and then the little money we have, we shall be able to survive,” he stated.

Rebecca Nyatuoy Gatluok is another IDP who went to the PoC site since the conflict broke out.

Nyatuok said she wants total peace before she can return to her home.

 “My house is no longer as it was, I can only recognize the trees and now I don’t have anything that can let me out of the camp, I would be happy if the government accepts us as their citizens, I can go and start my life in my home village no matter what, as long I can live in peace,” Nyatuok said.

She urged the leaders to stop the culture of war, and unite the people and give South Sudanese better service delivery and freedom to have better lives.

Another internally displaced person, Korway Michael said the Presidency call for refugees to return home was not right at the moment because most of their property were destroyed during the war.

“We are still fearing and seeing guns in the hands of soldiers every time, we have  no cows, homes and money, where will we start the lives after six years and economy is the main problem and security stability,” Michael said.

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