USS Party urges peace celebration to show confidence

By Viola Matela

The Peace Celebration should be a good chance to show sign of confidence building and reconciliation, the United South Sudan Party (USSP) has said.

“As United South Sudan Party, we are eager to see all the signatories of the R-ARCCS show a good gesture of confidence building and trust to the people and friends of South Sudan,” a statement by USSP Chairperson, Paulino Lukudu Obede said in part.

The statement obtained by Juba Monitor called upon the parties to the agreement to reach out with peace and reconciliation messages to those in the various States as well.

Obede insisted in the statement that “preaching the message of guns should go silent and finally recognizing the fact that we have lost a lot during the war and we don’t need to lose more,” was a necessary task ahead for the leaders.

The press release added that the celebration scheduled to take place this Wednesday is also a great opportunity to demonstrate political will and epitome leadership as all eyes of South Sudanese are set on the country’s leadership.

It further reads, “The Holy book said there is time for everything, time for war and time for peace. The time for war ended when we signed the R-ARCSS, now is time for peace.”

The statement also argues that the only genuine implementation of this peace agreement based on truth will rescue our people from the grave level economic hardship, political instability, social challenges and weak diplomatic ties.

Obede also said that if the peace pact was implemented in letter and spirit, the influx of refugees, mass displacements, bloodshed and most of the man-made disasters would be put to an end once and for all.

He reiterated his party’s readiness to exert and redouble efforts to make sure there was no return to war again because the power of guns was destructive to the human race.

“We can’t continue to pay the prices of war in a young nation that needs social economic development. We better pay a price of development of our health centres, schools, roads other services. Peace is cheaper than war,” he concluded.

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