Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

December is here with us once again where plans for Christmas mood is knocking and everyone is planning to celebrate the big day which is marked all over the world. Some people including friends have been on the trail with organized parties before they left to join their families and loved one in the rural areas or other parts of the country. There are those who are planning to travel outside the country. In all it is the beginning of a busy month in which l wish to share my happiness with all those who have been reading and following this column far this long. It has been and continues to be a blessing to many without whom l could not have the strength and encouragement to ensure this column appears every day. This month before turning to the expected New Year is a month of tolerance and forgiveness. It is the month to take stock of the past and plan for the New Year. It is with these in my inner mind that l would like to forgive someone outside there whom l may have crossed sword with or someone l might have offended knowingly or unknowingly. It takes courage to do this since sometime human beings are overtaken by pride and never accept the wrong they have committed. I remember what Bishop Paride Taban told a gathering last week that “we are all traumatized” he had a point because true all are traumatized one way or the other. This why we must at all-time seek solace and God’s intervention in our lives. Human beings forget where they came from and where they are heading to. Sometime it is the work of short memories that misleads and makes people do something that they should not have done. But the magic word is that should lead and make your day should always be “sorry”. It disarms many and brings peace in and among the communities. When confronted just try the word and always be ready to forgive. There should be linkage when taking stock to discover where one went wrong or diverted from his/her original cause. It is during the discovery that one can be able to correct oneself and plan for the future properly. Without planning one is likely planning to fail. As we party to the big day and New Year, there should be order and discipline because there are those with children of school going age who will be looking forward to joining or continue with their education. Let us not over-party to an extent that these innocent and honest souls would miss their future just because of what we have done in the month of December. Safety and careful travel should be the utmost goal in our arrangements to the Christmas and New Year celebrations. But above all let us put God forward in all that we intend or are doing within the month. Be blessed and forgive one another for peace and prosperity.   

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