Use social media to promote peace, activist urges youth

By Elia Joseph Loful

A civil activist has urged youth to use social media to promote peace in the country.

Jaiksana Soro Jambo, the Founder of Platform Africa Organization said social media should be used for promoting peace instead of ethnic “hate speech.”

Platform Africa is an organization based in Uganda operating in refugee camps to enhance peace among refugees residing in various camps in Uganda.

Mr. Jambo was speaking during a training organized by Media Authority aimed at strengthening the relationship between media and the police in South Sudan last week.

Jambo who works with Defy Hate Speech Now said the organization was mobilizing actions against social media incitement to increase trust among youth and other stakeholders.

He expressed that the 2013 crisis has created a negative perception among South Sudanese.

“When the conflict broke out in 2013, most of us realized that there has been a lot of disinformation, hate speech, and fake news. This information is very dangerous,” he said.

Jambo reiterated that any misinformation shared on social media could steer up conflict when circulated through social media platforms.

“This information are very dangerous because words can hurt, words can harm, words can mobilize people to fight against each other,” he stated.

Mr. Jambo stressed that he has conducted several trainings to alert young people on the dangers of using social media to disseminate information to public realm without minding its effects.

“From 2013 I have done a number of programs for training with students, journalists and stakeholders from the government to create awareness about this issue,” he said.

He said they want to educate people on digital literacy, to inform them that the internet was not meant for promoting conflict.

“For you to create a difference in people’s lives such that they can create any content that does not divide people, it is important to focus on digital literacy,” Jamo explained.

He urged the youth across the country and abroad to think before they could share any information on social media.

“My advice to youth remains as one of our campaign slogan, “Think before you click” and my message is that think before you click and do not share any information that has no evidence and proof. And youth should remember that we are the pillars of peace,” Jambo added.

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