Use resources for development-Artists

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

Eastern Equatoria artists are strongly urging Governor Louis Lobong to use the natural resources in the area such as gold, diamond and timber to develop the state.

For many years, communities in the Eastern Equatoria State have decried the exploitation of their natural resources without benefiting them.

Artist Oromo Alfred Odiha, popularly known as Check B the magic specialized in afro beats inspirational motivational and peace music said “Eastern Equatoria State is a home to many natural resources and I wish if properly use would develop the state.”

While launching his new song on Wednesday titled Eastern Unity featuring Navy Boy the toughest at the State owned radio voice, Check B said accountability in resources would ensure rapid progress in terms of development.

“This song reechoes sounds of unity, peace, development and reconciliation among communities in Eastern Equatoria State as we rebuild our state,” he said.

“This state was built with so many resources and we need to use these resources to transform and develop the state,” Check B said.

The artist called for unity among South Sudanese, saying they should forget the past and begin a new chapter of life.

“I want to call upon our leaders to know the importance of artists in nation building because we cannot build our society when we cannot deal with behavior change,” Check B said.

“We are going to make our people understand that killing each other and cattle rustling is bad through music,” he added.

 Anthony Marko Ohuchli who is popularly known by his music name Navy boy the toughest, attributed underdevelopment to the high rate of tribalism in the country.

“We have a lot of resources but the problem is tribalism. These are the challenges people from a particular area want the resources to be used only in their area but without any impact but when we get together and we use this resources as for the country then we can all benefit,” he explained.

He called on citizens to love one another despite the challenges they went through during the five years of conflict.

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