Use Oil money to develop Agriculture, Ayuk

By Mandela Nelson Denis

A leading energy lawyer and a strong advocate for African Entrepreneurs, NJ Ayuk has urged the government of South Sudan to use the oil money for developing agriculture in order to feed the country’s population.

Mr. Ayuk in his keynote speech during the Oil and Power conference in Juba said that oil is the backbone of African economy, because the money received could be used to develop other sectors like agriculture and infrastructure he said, oil money could build schools and hospitals.

“Take oil money to develop agriculture, you don’t make the money in oil to develop oil, when you look at Africa, it is about agriculture, you have to focus on agriculture every day and night and be able to feed the continent and this is what South Sudan is capable of doing, if the oil revenue is put to good use,” Mr. Ayuk urged.

The South African lawyer stressed that not everybody will get job in the oil and gas sector, and he urged that money received from oil should be used to diversify South Sudan’s economy and that part of the country’s economy is agriculture, not just the oil sector.

Mr. Ayuk however, added that any country that cannot feed itself was in trouble and called upon the government and investors coming in the country to push for agriculture because when people have food, they can feed themselves.

While speaking to Juba Monitor, Mr. Ayuk, said agriculture helps in bringing stability and building a peaceful environment while oil industry cannot survive and grow when people are hungry.

“Oil is the people’s oil; it is not for the government. The Oil is for the people and by the people and above all, the people have to hold to account those investing in the oil sector to offer services in the country, like promote education, build schools and improve on the people’s welfare, ” Mr. Ayuk told the Juba Monitor.

Ayuk concluded that the oil should be used to empower the people. He talked of women’s empowerment by having them in the oil and gas sector, and above all, using the oil money to invest in agriculture to feed the country.

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