Use National dialogue for peace

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has urged the country’s leaders to use the ongoing national conference to bring everlasting peace and for rebuilding the country.

David Shearer, Special Representative for South Sudan and Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan said the ongoing national dialogue is the only opportunity to bring lasting peace and rebuilding the country.   

“This National Dialogue is the only opportunity for peace and rebuilding of what happened since from start of the conflicts till today, therefore the leaders should use the national dialogue to bring back the unity of South Sudanese as they give their opinions, feelings and aspirations,” UNMISS head David Shearer stated.

Shearer was addressing over 500 delegates from the three regions and representatives of the refugees on Tuesday during opening of National Conference for Dialogue in Juba.

The UNMISS head said National dialogue was established to get people’s voices and get people out of the difficult time following the 2016 violence which he said it appears to have inconsiderable challenges facing the country.

“I should remind ourselves and senior politicians here that, you must listen to your people because in future years you will have general elections here, and people will decide who their leaders are going to be for the future,” the UN Special Representative emphasis.

He further urges leaders to be fair and true to the thoughts of South Sudanese. “We need to be true to the people who guide their thoughts, opinions from the national conference to the national dialogue to make sure that their opinions, feelings and aspirations were taken.”

He said national dialogue gives a chance to have people’s opinions and voices, and leaders need to listen to their voices in order to be able to save the future of South Sudan without fear.

“As we know,  the peace agreement  was about the political parties coming together and having agreement but national dialogue was much different in such a way, it reaches right to the grassroots with wider participations from the communities, farmers, women, youth, the faith leaders and others across the country,” he said.

According to David Shearer, the important thing from the national dialogue was the freedom of expression which he said is the foundation for the mutual country to depend.

However, he congratulated the parties for maintaining the ceasefire saying the transitional government was moving forward and encouraged the parties to continue with the spirit.

He said United Nations through UNMISS and UNDP has been able to support the national dialogue that has been going on to achieve the great things.

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