Use media for development, not war

Media in our current situation is being used to sell cheap political or business ideologies instead of using campaign rallies or other democratic ways of getting leadership position.

There are those who create new ways of opposing government or criticizing individual post holders so that they are appeased with offers. Is that not a new rebellion? What is the difference between taking up arms to pursue political interest and the use of media to attack individuals?

I see no difference; the only slight contrast is “sound” where arms kill people with disturbing noise while media kills silently. Both tools have become weapons of rebellion.

Media should not be used as a tool to spread propaganda and label false allegation against individuals.

I absolutely disagree with the use of names of government post holders or individual community in regards to tribalism and nepotism, or otherwise critiques should be sure of the flow of their words. I thought writing an article requires wider research about the topic and not jotting down what is at the forehead.

I know very well that people write to objectively express their opinion of certain happening without reaching personalities. Mentioning individuals and community by name is a character assassination or privacy trespasses and is punishable by law.

I am not interested to waste my time responding to barbaric and unsubstantiated public trash opinions posted but I am rather unhappy with this new devised rebellion. Many people particularly youth have devised a new way of securing wealth, fame or getting leadership positions through posting nonsensical ideas.

I have keenly observed and witnessed how people have shifted political and business ideologies to media outlets. One most important way of getting money, fame or securing political appointment nowadays is to bark at key politicians or government post holders through the media outlets so that you stain them with lies and propaganda with the hope of getting appeasement in one way or the other. Some have luckily been silenced through offers so that they keep quiet while others are bribed with money.

I have a long list of these people who have benefited from posting tarnishing opinions in the name of seeking for change but let me reserve this time and I am sure to publish a long list of beneficiaries in my next post. Media is being used to cheaply convey wrong and unfounded messages across the board and make the drum heard afar. People pretend to be advocates of good practices while in real sense, they are either stooges, bread/fame-seekers or mercenaries used by unseated politicians to pursue individual’s interest, others make it a ladder of paradise.

Take for example, those who secured their interests through pretend writing, they don’t really implement the intention of their quest for the change they aim at, instead, they make it worse by making U-turn after achieving their interest.

How many people especially youth have been advocating for good governance either through window of rights or political activism, and yet they failed to do it themselves when they get an offer. They are there silently enjoying the fruits of their noise without thinking back or sharing with old friends.

Is that why we take time to campaign or create public awareness through the media? To be given money or offered a position in order to keep quiet, what if all of us join such bad practices, are we going to have a prosperous country or a nation of dealers.

I am so sorry for those few youth who have devised this new rebellion as a way of securing bread or fame; you are too young to stain yourself with bad deals.

I am advising those particular public opinion writers who pretend to be the agents of change to rethink and work out a new plan of descending to power or getting fame  in a good way and not to stain our elders and incumbent politicians through threats, malicious statements and unfounded allegations.

I am not saying people should keep silent and watch the wrong doing but rather express opinions objectively without touching personalities.

By Apuk Deng


The writer can be reached via: apukdeng@gmail.com

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