The Central Bank of South Sudan is really trying its best to stabilize the economy but it seems like the economy is changing its cards daily. This governor will come and it deteriorates.  The dollars that have been released by the IMF are not free. There is a string attached. The question is when the IMF will come knocking looking for its money. This time we would be mature enough to know that people who depend on foreign loans are doomed forever. A way out of this cage is not seen. It is very dark inside and when it is like that, the progress of the country becomes a secondary option. There is something so special with the new Central Bank boss, Hon. Moses Makur Deng said he would bring down the inflation rate to as little as a single digit of 8% with a margin of plus/minus 1% from the current 13.2% rate by the end of this year. This is a great move by the new governor. The citizens think with all these words, there is high hope that something great, a miracle is in the making for the struggling economy of South Sudan. What we don’t want to repeat itself is the culture of telling lies that are true. You can promise the country and the people will believe in you and at the end of the day, you change the story. This is nothing but telling true lies. We don’t want to call the new governor a liar. He needs to walk the talk and keep his words. These are the people that the country needs. Those who will promise heaven and deliver good services. Heaven is not what you think it is, it is standing for one’s country. That is where the people start to have a sense of belonging.

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