USAP crisis meeting adjourned

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

The National Dialogue Steering Committee has postponed for the second time the meeting to resolve the internal conflict within United Sudan African Party (USAP).

Speaking after the meeting, the Co-chair of National Dialogue steering Committee Angelo Beda said that the adjournment of the meeting was about the implication of the case within the USAP.

He said the issue is not very hard to solve but when it comes to South Sudan politics and the objectives of national dialogue of canceling time, it always needed to study the case to get good results.

“The one of USAP is not so great, really it is mostly between the leaders, not the issue that cannot be solved and there will be no problems except their personal injuries that have caused the insults against each other,” he said.

Beda added that now the committee have understood and got the ideas, it is now upon them how they can go about the issue.

“Now we got the content and ideas on what is exactly the problem within USAP, we are going to see how to go with it and go to the next smooth way of handling it and if we can get solution to cool it, I think it can be better.”

However, he said the only challenge the national dialogue was facing is the time to tackle such issues within short time.

“In most cases you may find that small issues will take more than three to four sittings before you find the solution for the problems.”

Beda however, thanked both sides for been frank about their issues and the situation of their divergence.

“I have adjoined the meeting so that we can prepare to meet them again with fresh ideas.”

He appealed to the two factions to continue to have the heart of reconciliation and forgiveness among them in order to get the party back to track.

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