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USA ready to support S. Sudan

Two United States members of congress want an end to the conflict so that United States of America would continue supporting the country.

The two congress members who ended their two days visit in the country said with the new administration more support would be made to the country if the war ends.

“The conflict must end and that people must never face famine because of the conflict,” Karen Bass one of the members of the congress told Journalists yesterday shortly before they left the country.

“We want to continue providing support but we have a new administration, there is a new policy where the President is proposing massive cuts to aid, and for us to continue to support South Sudan it is going to be very clear that South Sudan should be on the path to peace, why would you give money to a country that is constantly on conflict and has man made famine, it is just unacceptable,” Bass said.

She said that they came with a “sense of urgency because of the famine” that people were experiencing in the country adding that before they left, they had announced a package for South Sudan.

Christopher H. Smith the Chairman on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations said the United States being the primary sponsor of the Humanitarian agencies need a total peace in the country.

“Humanitarian assistance whether being the world food or any other partner is phenomenal and necessary, and we conveyed to the president the need for peace,” Smith said.

After meeting with some government official including the President and the new Chief of Staff of the SPLA, Smith said they were going back home and talk to some of their colleagues to see how they were going to support the country.

He however pledged to continue supporting the country in all aspects saying that the United States of American had “huge and collateral humanitarian nightmare” for South Sudanese refugees as a result of the conflict with Khartoum.

He said based on their discussion with the military, there is a commitment from the government adding that there is need to bring everybody to the National Dialogue so that the war ends quickly.

By Morris Dogga

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