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USA ambassador in Torit for recovery programmes

Jeroem Kelderhuis, Deputy Head of UNMISS (Left), Tobiolo Alberio, Governor (Centre) and Tom Hushek, USA ambassador to South Sudan (Right).

By Thomas Lodovico Oryem

The United States ambassador to South Sudan, Tom Hushek said it was time to strengthen government service delivery institutions to improve the living standard of the citizens.

Addressing Torit state officials yesterday, Ambassador Hushek said he was in Torit to engage local communities and individuals in recovery and resilience initiatives.

Ambassador Hushek was in Torit State to push for recovery and resilience programmes in the area.

He said it was time to improve on the livelihood of the citizens, health and education institutions.

The US diplomat urged state government to listen to the civil society and business leadersin order to build peace in the area.

According to Ambassador Hushek, the leaders have to address the root causes of the conflict by implementing the revitalized peace agreement so as to reduce the level of vulnerability in the state.

Tobiolo Alberio Oromo, Torit State told the visiting US ambassador Hushek that his state was stabledand citizens were moving freely with fear.

Mr. Oromo said he managed to restore trust between civilians and the organized forces since he was appointed into office by President Salva Kiir in 2017.

“I have created public dialogue and freedomof speech for people to challenge the government by giving solutions. This has resulted to the peace in the state,” said Mr. Oromo describing his governor as “people’s government.”

Governor Oromo appealed to the developmental partners to helpthe state government in addressing some of the challenges facing girls, women by constructing Girls’ Boarding School, reformatory center, and feeder roads.

The US ambassador Hushek was received at Torit airstrip by state government dignitaries, students, traditional dance groups among others.

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