The United States was a proud and hopeful supporter of the newly independent nation of South Sudan, but it has now turned out to be the spoiler of the efforts to retain peace back in the country since South Sudan was mired into conflict in 2013.

The US should not give up on the people of South Sudan if it serious in restoring peace in the country. Halting or cutting of the aid would not resolve the conflict instead it will inflict more suffering on the innocent population.

The only way to ease the suffering of the South Sudanese people is to urge all warring parties to reach to final agreement. The proposal by the US to cut humanitarian assistance will lead to further suffering that may even lead to wider spread of violence in the country.

The US government must make peace attainable by providing necessary support to the regional countries that are involved in the South Sudan peace talks’ mediation and it must not favour either side of the negotiation groups. On several occasions at the negotiation table, the opposition groups have always come up with different demands and some are even unrealistic just to delay the talks and the US is saying nothing about it.

You cannot put pressure on one side while the other is left to freely give impossible demands yet the innocent people are continuing to suffer.   So this time if the US government is serious and wants to bring peace in South Sudan, it must limit the demands of the opposition groups rather than threatening the lives of innocent people by cutting humanitarian aids.

It is not a good decision to cut assistance from the already vulnerable people who are the victims of the ongoing conflict.








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