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US DONATES 47M USD For security and agriculture

By Morris Dogga
The United States government has donated 47 million US dollars to boost agriculture, internal security and infrastructure in Jonglei and Boma states, the First Vice President said.
Addressing congregation in a wedding ceremony of Jonglei State Governor’s daughter on Saturday,Taban Deng Gai said part of the money will be used for training joint integrated police to boost the security between the two states.
“This money will be spent on boosting agriculture in the two states to fight food insecurity. There will be training of joint integrated police that will take care of security of the two states and its neighbors,” he said.
Jonglei and Boma states have been having clashes between themselves, with each state accusing the other of killing, raiding cattle and abducting children.
Gai added that the biggest part of the money will be used to boost road infrastructures because roads are very important in linkingone state to other states.
He applauded the U.S. Government for continuously supporting the Government of South Sudan.
The First Vice President used the occasion to urge the two states to exist in peace, adding that if there is any grievance, let the people use the National Dialogue to air out their grievances which will later be presented to the National Assembly for consideration.
“The National Dialogue views will be presented to the National Legislative Assembly hence there South Sudanese will see how concerns will be discussed or solved and the parliament will do the judging,” he said.
“I am urging all South Sudanese to be patriotic and be good nationalists, support the government by joining the National Dialogue and Agreement on the Resolutions of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) implementation and we will have peaceful and prosperous South Sudan,” he added.
He claimed some International Communities who have been supporting rebels have withdrawn their support because they believe the only way for the rebels to get power is via peaceful elections.

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