Upto 28 people killed, 23 wounded in Jonglei

The Information Minister of Jonglei state Jacob Akec Dengdit has confirmed that an attack in Bor North County at Kolmerek and Kwiteng in Achol County has reportedly left 28 people dead and 23 others wounded.

According to Dengdit, the attack took place on Saturday last week at 5:00pm local time.

“This attack was carried out by some armed youth from Boma state, and they killed 28 people as we speak now but the number still keeps on increasing and wounded 23 people. They also burnt down the Payam of Kolmerek,” he said.

He claimed that nine of the raiders were killed during the attack.

Attempts to get comments from Boma state officials were unsuccessful as the phone contacts of the Information, Press Secretary of the Boma state Governor and that of Boma state Coordinator were off air.

Minister Dengdit continued that the raiders looted 9,000 heads of cattle but 2,000 of them were recovered by the local youth of the area.

“The raiders ran away with 7,000 cows and 108 goats were burnt in ‘tukuls’ and ‘lwak’ which are places for keeping calves,” he said.

He said despite the killing of the people of Jonglei state, the state government would continue respecting the cessation of hostilities agreement that was signed between Boma and Jonglei states in Juba in May this year.

“For us we are still for peace or ceasefire that was signed to see peace prevail among the people of the two states,” Minister Dengdit said.

He said the government of Jonglei condemns the attack of the people of state.

“We strongly condemn this attack and are telling the people here not to lose hope and start taking justice into their own hands but we are asking the national government and the government of Boma state to please come out strongly to put this attack at rest,” he said.

“We cannot say the peace process has failed but actually this is the 27th time violation of that peace agreement that was signed in May,” he added.

He said the only way to stop revenge attacks in Jonglei state would be for the national government to hold raiders accountable for their actions.

“What people ink on has to be respected and leaders have to be held accountable. Youth have to be held accountable and everybody has to be punished for keeping violence as the best option,” Minister Dengdit said.

By Sworo Charles Elisha






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