Uproar over city mayor’s sacking

By Bida Elly David

Citizens yesterdaysturdilypredestined the pronouncement taken by the Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony in relieving city council mayor Kalisto Ladu from his position.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Esther Jokudu a vendor in Konyo-Konyo market said the decision taken by the governor to relieve the mayor was in contradiction of city enlargement and unethical.

She barbed thatmajority of people who had earlier criticised mayor’s decision on the market set up bewailed and feted the positive outcome at the end.

‘’I strongly denounce the verdict taken by the Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Adil in sacking Kalisto Ladu Nyigilio, a proficient person who is premeditated in terms of growth. What the governor did was in-human and against development’’ She pointed

However, Hakim Dominic one of the merchants a reiterated that, he previously queried the initiatives carried by the mayor on demolishing shops and businesses along the road side but he later appreciated the task when he witnessed the development.

‘’The inventiveness city council carried out to demolish shops which were not well located was a good one. I once criticised it and later appreciated after seeing parking yards organised, open market spaces for pedestrians’’, he said

Herevealed that the initiative Kalisto started pleased all the citizens and the entire world as well as religious leaders.

At the same time, Samuel Ador Thon pointed out that most foreign traders celebrated upon hearing that the city mayor was relieved. He demanded for his immediate re-appointment.

‘’Foreign traders are now celebrating the removal of our mayor. I demand for his immediate re-appointment back to his position’’ Ador pointed

Marko Makat, aconcerned citizen revealed that it was not a fair and right decision to relieve a competent and courageous man who was enthusiastic to serve the nation. He urged governor to reverse his decision.

The citizens urged the Governor to reverse the decision he had taken to relieve the mayor whom he knew had created the progress above all those appointed by him

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